​​Elizabeth Hallows MCSP SRP LPC

Chartered Physiotherapist registered with the HCPC

moving and handling advisor, assessor and manual handling trainer

Elizabeth  carries out moving and handling risk assessments of individuals of all ages, with movement difficulties. These are carried out at the request of case managers, care providers, families and support organisations. 

She uses her skills as a physiotherapist to carefully assess the individual’s postural and movement abilities and also takes into account the capabilities of the care-giver, with the aim of producing a clearly written assessment and usable handling plan. 

Elizabeth uses a collaborative approach, taking into account the priorities of the individual and the care-givers, but also incorporating her knowledge of back-care and the various methods and pieces of equipment available. 

Elizabeth is especially experienced at assessing an individual with a view to recommending whether one or more support workers are required. 

Moving and handling risk assessments​